Homosexuals will be happy if I become president

Marriage is a man and a woman, homosexuals had Civil Partnerships, which was identical to Marriage with all the same rights, they wanted to destroy Marriage and have successfully done so. Commentaires 4 commentaires. Great article Doug! Amen Homosexuals will be happy if I become president. Do you think the complicated role heterosexual males are asked to play in our society might drive some into homosexuality?

Many want to gloss over this important point but the writers of the New Testament knew it was incredibly and therefore they commented on it. Straight Pride aims are neutral and we do not follow religion, but we do support people who are oppressed for being religious.

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  • NBC News.
  • Times of Israel. At about the same time, a new, pejorative use became prevalent in some parts of the world.
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Several European countries and eight states have enacted such laws, and there is no evidence where this has occurred that there is any increase in homosexuality. Mexican journalist shot dead in northern state of Chihuahua. In other words nothing is as it used to be.

Heterosexuality is the default setting for the human race, this is what creates life, if everyone made the decision to be homosexual, life would stop. Or rather, someone.

Homosexuals will be happy if I become president
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