Although gay marriage is not legal in China

Countries opposed to such legalization, and those having taken measures in recent years to legally reinforce the heterosexual fundaments of marriage, present a similar diversity. However, a challenge to the law by the conservative UMP party was filed with the Constitutional Council following the vote.

Internet sites, including: Aminata ; BBC; ecoi. Initial reports by journalists triggered a first wave of reactions on the Internet, but were quickly censored. Remember Me. From Land Use to Information Sharing.

Although gay marriage is not legal in China жизни

  • Step-child adoption was legalized in and extended to children adopted by one partner first successive adoption in Hong Kong.
  • Main article: Recognition of same-sex unions in Cambodia.
  • Prior to 26 June , same-sex marriages were legal in the District of Columbia , Guam , and thirty-six states. May 30,
  • No recognition.
  • LGBT rights in China. Though no large statues are known to still exist, many hand scrolls and paintings on silk can be found in private collections.
  • L attitude était beaucoup plus libérale à l égard de l homosexualité dans les années
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Since the commercialisation of the Internet in , websites and other digital spaces dedicated to homosexuality have developed rapidly within a context of heavy censorship of the Chinese public sphere. In October, a new marriage bill was introduced by the French Government.

Additionally, since , transgender people have been allowed to change their legal gender without undergoing surgery or receiving any medical diagnosis. Projet de loi en étude à l'Assemblée nationale : des opportunités et des menaces majeures pour la protection et le respect des droits humains. Two key elements stood out in particular from the speech delivered by the event organisers, reconciling interests seen up to then as independent.

Le Parisien in French.

Although gay marriage is not legal in China
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